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Professional Website Support Cumbria

WordPress Website Support Packages We offer website support packages to every website we build and can create custom solutions for existing websites for just £20 per hour.

We are WordPress specialists however, we are able to make changes to virtually any website with strong knowledge of PHP, HTML and web content management systems.

Website support packages are extremely important for businesses wanting to keep their website up-to-date without expensive training costs. With Cumbria Web Solutions you can keep your website up to date without breaking the bank!

WordPress Support

These days, the majority of content managed websites run WordPress. We run all of our websites on WordPress and are specialists in offering support for WordPress sites. The system can become sluggish or slow when using shared hosting or when not properly maintained, and that’s where we can help.

We can help make your website run like new, 100% of the time. By configuring proper caches, a CDN and proper security we are able to make sure your website offers a consistent, secure and quick experience to all customers.

Create Your Support Package

Get in touch with us today to talk through creating a custom support package with Cumbria Web Solutions. Email [email protected], or phone 01946 823865 to see how we can help.