How do I add emails to my iPhone, iPad, Tablet or Outlook?

All our email accounts are hosted with Heart Internet. This guide applies to anyone using Heart Internet email and web hosting.

The easy way – webmail

The easiest way to access your email is via our webmail service, – this URL allows you to login to your email account similar to GMail or Yahoo. If you need to change your password or setup auto-responder or out of office emails, this is also the place to go.

Cumbria Web Solutions Webmail

Cumbria Web Solutions Webmail –

Access your emails on other devices

If you want your emails on your iPhone / iPad / Outlook or Tablet, the best way is to configure your Mail app for Heart Internet. Here’s all the settings you will need to access your account:

Incoming Mail

Incoming Mail Server:

Incoming Mail Port: 143 (with SSL)

Incoming Mail Username: [email protected]

Incoming Mail Password: your regular mail password

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Port: 587 (with SSL)

Outgoing Mail Username: [email protected]

Outgoing Mail Password: your regular mail password

Having trouble accessing your account?

Get in touch via email: [email protected] and we’ll help you access your account.