All our email accounts are hosted with Heart Internet. This guide applies to anyone using Heart Internet email and web hosting.

The easy way – webmail

The easiest way to access your email is via our webmail service, – this URL allows you to login to your email account similar to GMail or Yahoo. If you need to change your password or setup auto-responder or out of office emails, this is also the place to go.

Cumbria Web Solutions Webmail

Cumbria Web Solutions Webmail –

Access your emails on other devices

If you want your emails on your iPhone / iPad / Outlook or Tablet, the best way is to configure your Mail app for Heart Internet. Here’s all the settings you will need to access your account:

Incoming Mail

Incoming Mail Server:

Incoming Mail Port: 143 (with SSL)

Incoming Mail Username: [email protected]

Incoming Mail Password: your regular mail password

Outgoing Mail

Outgoing Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Port: 587 (with SSL)

Outgoing Mail Username: [email protected]

Outgoing Mail Password: your regular mail password

Having trouble accessing your account?

Get in touch via email: [email protected] and we’ll help you access your account.