Bet Sharks

Over the past 5 years we have been working with Bet Sharks on their bet calculator websites and companion apps. Our work has ranged from re-designing website based calculators to designing and developing brand-new iOS apps.

Lucky 15 Calculator

Lucky 15 Calculator

Website Bet Calculators

We re-built all calculators on the Bet Sharks website, including the ever popular Lucky 15 Calculator and the Accumulator calculator. These new versions are mobile responsive and modern – a world away from the previous design!

Check out the projects: Free Bet Calculators on Bet Sharks.

iOS Calculator Apps

We have developed numerous iOS applications for Bet Sharks, the most popular being the Lucky 15 Calculator App and the Accumulator Calculator App. These apps are useful tools anyone looking to place bets – it’s much easier to tap in some numbers than do mental maths on 15 bets!

Since launch 1000s of users have downloaded the apps and it looks like the trend is set to continue with the new Bet Sharks Bet Calculator app, and more single-use calculator apps.

Looking for Something Similar?

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