Tell your story with a business blog

Every business has a story to tell, no matter how old the business and having a business blog will help you tell your business’ story and bring more exposure to your business.

Many companies in the UK have heritage, especially those in the transport industry – normally family businesses that have been built up over a number of years. With this sort of business there’s always a story to tell, from the first premises and vehicle to the first employee and major developments – it’s all part of your business’ history and it should be shared!

The Big Lemon - A company with a great business blog

The Big Lemon Bus & Coach Company – A new company with a great story. 

Example: The Big Lemon, a story of how a new idea became one of Brighton’s key transport services and a unique bus operator.

Another great reason to have a blog is exposure – it’s great for Google Search as your websites content gets more relevant and there’s more of it – making your site much more interesting and this can help you climb the Google Search rankings, good news for any business!

Along with the online benefits there is also the key factor of brand and business recognition, if someone reads your blog and knows the story of your business they’re more likely to come to you for services, they will remember you!

The rules of having a Business Blog

Now, there’s a couple of rules when it comes to business blogging, and blogging in general – you’ve got to keep at it. There’s no point having a blog if you don’t post, a little like a Facebook page, you have to keep it up to date, otherwise your content will become old – posting at least once a month will be perfect.

Along with regular posting, your content must have some weight, again there’s no point in posting a blog without having a topic or something that people are going to read! Make sure you’ve got some points to write about or some news to share – this makes for good content and something that your customers current and future will enjoy reading.

Social media is a great way to share your posts – if you have a Facebook or Twitter page, use it! Make sure you share your posts for current customers to read, this will increase their awareness of the business and will hopefully make them return, especially if the post has some news or a reason to visit.

Stick to these simple rules and you’ll have a successful business blog, especially if you make sure you share on social media, where you will be able to gain a bigger exposure.

If you have any blogging tips please let us know below!