Facebook – You either have it or you don’t!

If you’re a local business the chances are you already have a Facebook page; but are you using it effectively?

Let’s start off with how you probably already use facebook — it’s a now and then sort of deal, you post if you’re closing for a week while you’re on holiday or if there’s any updates of that nature, maybe the occasional photo or milestone.

This approach is fine, it keeps your customers informed with the ‘big news’ — the stuff that matters, but will it engage with them and make them want to return? Chances are, probably not!

facebook-ipo-stocks-001-640x480Let’s say for example you log in once every day — say just before lunch (people look at Facebook on their lunch break, so push content out just before noon) This is a good time to post a frequent update, so something along the lines of “Lovely view from the café today!” with a decent picture from your business, make sure it looks attractive and that there’s something in the photo your customers want — a nice cup of tea, ice cream, gifts, a G&T, whatever it is, make sure it’s well framed and enticing.

These regular updates will keep reminding your customers about your business, and will make re-visits more frequent — especially if there’s something new to check out.

The thing with Facebook for a business is that it’s a take it or leave it sort of platform, you’re either active or inactive — and if you’re inactive you may as well delete the page, and here’s why: If people message your page you won’t see it unless you log in, and your customer feels ignored: if you have facebook, use it and you will increase customer satisfaction and will hopefully gain customers from this!

We use our facebook page to show off our new portfolio work, offers, and general updates – as long as there’s quality content going out to our followers we’re happy!