Small Business

Our Best Small Business SEO Tips

One of our most common tasks is to get small businesses ranking on Google, it’s massively important for a business to rank in the top 10 for their main keyword, for example “florists cumbria”, local SEO like this can be achieved in a couple of key ways so here’s our best small business SEO tips….

Google My Business

Google My Business is a listing tool for business on Google, it provides at-a-glance information for potential customers, including address, opening hours, phone number and the main service the business provides.

If a customer were to google the name of your business, for example “The Multi Barrow Company”, then the google my business box would likely appear in the sidebar. If a customer were to google a more generic term, for example “Roofing Whitehaven” then a selection of businesses would be shown at the top of the search results, along with a map of their locations, giving customers more than one choice of local business.

Google My Business is a great way to get your business out there, and it’s not complicated to get listed – signup at google my business for a free listing.

Links from Other Websites

Links are massively important for SEO, think of a link from another website to yours as a vote of confidence – if another website is linking to you then your site must have value, and is likely a useful resource. Google have previously said that one of the factors their search algorithm takes into account is links, making link building a key part of SEO.

Building links can be time consuming but this is definitely worth it, with each link link you could see your site move in the rankings and eventually you could start climbing page 1 and into the top 10 sites.


Directories are a simple way to build links, a local example is the Cumbria Growth Hub Business Directory, this site allows you to submit your business name, info, logo and most importantly a link to your website. This website has authority as the site itself has plenty of links, meaning that this link will have a better effect on your site.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are posts written on a website by a different author, this works both ways – sites can exchange articles for links (e.g. a credit at the bottom of the article) and will be picked up by google in the same way as a directory link. This is a more time consuming way to build links but this can be worth it, with these posts being viewed by potential customers that could view your website.

Content is King

Content really is king when it comes to SEO, and you need to find the perfect balance between too many keywords, and too little content. Gone are the days where you could write “web design” 40 times on one page and google would value the page more for “web design”. Now content needs to be considered valuable to users, but also must include your keywords.

Using a keyword tool, e.g. google keyword planner should should show you the most common searches around a topic, e.g. roofing cumbria, by using these keywords you should be able to piece together content for your site that includes the exact keywords customers are searching for, whist of course still retaining a proper readable article.


SEO is complicated and these are only a few ways to boost your local sites SEO, we’ve been doing SEO for years and know the ins and outs well, so if you’re looking for a little more support and advice please do get in touch for a chat.