How to get verified on Twitter

What is Twitter Verification?

Twitter Verification Badge

Twitter Verification Badge

Twitter verification is simply a way of showing users that yes, this is the real account for ‘X’, a sort of assurance that information will be correct and that views will be of the person they say they are.

What’s new?

Today, twitter launched a new online application process for users to get the blue verified tick on their account. Before now, Twitter was in charge of deciding who got the tick so only those with a lot of followers, or those in the public eye would be able to get the Twitter tick.

Now, there is an online form to submit to Twitter to get verified. We have submitted our application with the reason that having a Twitter tick means we’re more trustworthy and would be able to benefit from more business because of this.

The fact that now anyone can apply for the verified tick means that the tick is less important. The tick used to be there for twitter accounts that were regularly faked or parodied, making sure you’re tweeting and getting information from the right person. Now, with anyone able to apply for the tick a question hangs over it – is it really that important anymore?

Get Your Twitter Verified…

You can get your twitter account verified by going to, there’s a quick form to fill in where you can get your twitter verified and receive the prestigious blue tick!